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Price: $60.00 $48.00

Xtracycle TekDeck 2.0

Stock status: 2 in stock

New and improved and even Tek-ier

Xtracycle has upped the ante with their new TekDek 2.0. Built on the original TekDek the TekDek 2.0 has added futures that will seduce any tech lover. New on the 2.0 is a non-skid powder coated surface and a Bungee strap system for securing cargo. The TekDek 2.0 and the bungee system both Velcro to Xtracycle V-racks or P-racks for a secure mount. An added advantage compared to other Xtracycle racks is that the TekDek 2.0 brings your racks closer together instead of pushing then apart, moving your load inward for increased stability.

Compared to other Xtracycle decks the TekDek 2.0 weighs in at a feather weight of 12.5 oz. So if your project calls for the lightest Xtracycle build possible, the TekDek is what you'll need. Even though the TekDek is a feather weight its no wimp when it comes to its carrying capacity. Constructed from 7000 series aluminum it is still strong enough to carry one adult passenger. If you or your Xtracycle needs a little more function and fashion, snap on a TekDek and show everyone the Tech can be cool.

For cargo only. To carry passengers, see the Xtracycle SnapDeck and Xtracycle FlightDeck Two.

  • Powder Coated
  • Nylon Elastic Shock Cord and Cord Lock
  • Mounts directly to V-Racks or Adventure Racks
  • Compatible with: P-Racks, V-Racks, Whatchamacollars, Footsies, Stoker Bar, WideLoader, LongLoader, KickBack and more.
  • Not compatible with SnapDeck, FlightDeck, EcoDeck, PeaPodLT and the MagicCarpet
  • Weight: 13oz
  • Material: 7000 Series Aluminum
  • (L/W): 20" x 6"

Xtracycle offers a 1 year warranty on accessories and components.

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Price: $60.00 $48.00

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Product Reviews

27 Nov 2013
Mary Lou C says...
I order this Xtracycle TekDeck 2.0 for my son he told me that he wanted to try this one out even tho he already had a deck for his 2013 Surly Big Dummy.As it turn out he loves it.That alone said a lot to me that I done great.Yes he is very happy with this great deck it really open up the back part of his Big Dummy bicycle he made his own frame bags and this looks great with them.And the folks at BikeTrailerShop had this in stock they have what you need to do touring if you do it with a bicycle.He has order from them him self a few times and he was always happy with the parts he order.We are both very happy now.
Rated 5 out of 5 Stars
17 Nov 2013
Mary Lou C says...
I order this for my son to put on his Big Dummy 2013 model it grey and this really did look great on it.He told me he love's it.In the past he made a few deck's of his own and they did look good but he is very happy with this set up.I am very happy for my son.He has his own work shop just for bicycle work only.
Rated 5 out of 5 Stars
08 Sep 2010
Ill P says...
If you're into bikes this won't be the first expensive piece of aluminum you've bought, though paying to shed weight from your xtracycle or big dummy might give even a dedicated weight weenie pause. That said, for those of us who carry our cargo bikes up or down stairs, shaving a pound or two off never hurts. Plus I never liked the skate board-y decal on the original Snapdeck -- I prefer the muted look of the teckdek's powder coat. The new version's non-slip surface is nice as are the draw strings, though I don't see myself putting much on top of the deck when the freeloaders can hold so much. If I didn't need to heft my bike out of the basement I think I might have bought the Flightdeck (in fact, I still might) which is cheaper and more useful for DIY projects, and has the confidence-inspiring "super hooks," but is heavier. One note on installation: the new velcro safety straps are a nice upgrade over the last teckdeck for preventing pop off (it has happened to me in traffic which is a bummer), but be aware that you need to clamp the integrated hooks of the deck over the fabric loops of the free loaders in order to have the velcro safety straps line up with a stretch of bare V rack (around which the velcro can be wrapped.) Since the original SnapDeck clicks on to the bare sections of V-rack (the standard rack, formerly the H rack?) this seemed counter-intuitive to me at first and may not be what xtracycle had in mind, but clamping it on like the snapdeck leaves no space to use the velcro safety straps as far as I could tell due to the positions of the slots for the straps in the teckdeck. Xtracycle's pictures of this accessory skirt this issue by not picturing it installed with freeloaders at the same time, or showing it on the P rack (the one for panniers, formerly the V rack or adventure rack?) but I assume many will want to just use it with the stock parts from their dummy or free rad. If you want to clamp it to bare V-rack which may be a better fit I'd suggest a long zip tie or nylon strap to prevent pop off. If the above makes any sense to anyone I will be amazed! 4/5 rating for the item. 5/5 for BikeTrailerShop.
Rated 4 out of 5 Stars
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