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Price: $349.99

Wandertec Bongo Bike Cargo Trailer Small

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Get Ready to Haul Stuff

The Wandertec BONGO is designed with a "carry anything" philosophy. The thick load bed can accommodate the daily grocery run, commercial deliveries or extended touring.

The universal hitch system mounts to any bike with a quick release or nutted axle. Both the small and large BONGOs are equipped with Wandertec's custom strap system. Or fit a bag or box to suit your purpose. Many commercially available bags and boxes will bolt or strap onto the trailer.

We are particularly proud of our hitch arm mounting system. Using locking compression bolts the BONGO hitch arm is one of the securest and strongest hitch arm attachments on the market.

The Wandertec BONGO trailer utilizes a simple design made from very high quality components. No component is rare or irreplaceable when riding off the beaten track. The BONGO bicycle trailer packs away very neatly in seconds.

Use the BONGO for expedition touring, work loads, commuting, shopping and everything else.

Or if you are looking for something larger, check out the Large Wandertec BONGO.

Main image shown with Bongo Load Bed., not included with $349.99 price

  • Completely adjustable hitch arm
  • Double as a push cart when unmounted from a bike.
  • Additional straps are available for purchase.
  • Removable tow bar and wheels
  • Trailer Capacity: 100lbs (45kg)
  • Trailer Weight: 14.5 lbs
  • Overall dimensions (axle to axle): 23 inches
  • Total Length: 45 inches
  • Optional - Load Bed (L x W): 25 x 15 inches
  • Optional - 3/8" thick, treated plywood load bed
  • Aluminum Frame
  • 16" wheels w/sealed bearings & stainless steel spokes
  • Tires: 16" X 1.75"
  • Optional with load bed - 3 sets of adjustable buckle straps for securing boxes and bags
  • Constructed and designed in the USA

Wandertec products have a 5 yr warranty on frame and hitch and, and 1 yr on components.

Wandertec Bongo Bike Cargo Trailer Smallclick image to enlarge
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Price: $349.99

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