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Specialty Bike Trailers

Getting Started:

The requirements of most cyclists can be met by Single Wheel, Two Wheel, Dog Trailers, and of course child trailers.

But those trailer types might not conform to your needs. That's why we have trailers for specific and novel uses.

Guerrilla Marketing

ExtraWheel Advert Bike Trailer How can a small business compete with the behemoths for mind share on the streets?

The ExtraWheel Advert Bike Trailer allows you to deploy mobile billboards on wheels at strategic times of the day. It carries no cargo other than the 29.5-by-41-inch poster you create for your business or your cause. The poster can be a vinyl banner, a PVC board, or a piece of plywood.

Boat Hauling

The problem with boats? They're kind of big and heavy. But you don't have to resort to hauling your small watercraft behind or on top of a car. Paddleboy Go Cart Kayak and Canoe Bike Trailer | | Bike Trailer Shop Paddleboy makes a variety of carts and trailers for carrying canoes, kayaks, surfboards, sailboards and more. The most versatile model is the Go! Cart, which may be used either as a hand cart, or as a bike trailer. The base of the Go! Cart is Paddleboy's All-Terrain Center Cart (ATC), with 16-inch bike bike wheels.

As a bike trailer, it's perfect for canoes, kayaks, surfboards, SUP boards and sailboards up to 75 pounds.

In cart mode (i.e. not being towed by a bike) the ATC can carry heavy loads and watercraft: heavy-loaded canoe portages, john-boats, dinghies and Lasers, up to 300 pounds.

Electric Assist

Ridekick Electric Powered Bike Cargo Trailer | | Bike Tech Shop A Ridekick trailer does what you would expect from a small cargo trailer plus one special trick: it also pushes your bike -- but not too hard. Enough to keep you out of your car when you have an errand to do that involves a hill that you dislike even when you are unburdened by cargo.

If you go on rides with a stronger rider than yourself, the Ridekick trailer can help you keep up. Then you can disconnect it and leave it at home when you get out and ride at your own leisurely pace.

Our Brands:

Extrawheel : This Polish company makes a trailer for carrying a spare wheel plus panniers on each side, and another trailer for guerilla advertising.

Paddleboy Designs : Trailers designed to carry a kayak or canoe by bike. Enjoy rides to your water adventures.

Ridekick : Add cargo space and an electric-powered push to nearly any existing bike with a Ridekick trailer.

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