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Price: $19.99

Extrawheel Bike Trailer Solid Axle Nuts

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Extrawheel Nuts

The Extrawheel Nuts allow you to use the Extrawheel Trailers with bicycles which have a solid axle and utilize nuts instead of a quick release. The Extrawheel Trailers do include a hitch attachment of your choice.

Before getting extra nuts or replacement nuts, be sure to determine the correct size for your bicycle's solid rear axle. The size of your rear axle can generally be determined by looking it up in reference to the manufacturer of the rear hub.

If you can not determine the size of the rear axle through the hub manufacturer's brochure or online information, you can determine axle size by removing one of the nuts and taking it to a hardware store or local bike shop. Determine its size by checking which size axle (or bolt) it will thread onto.
Check out our Extrawheel Nut size guide in the specs section.

Extrawheel Nuts are sold in pairs.

  • Available in 4 sizes
  • Extrawheel Nuts Compatibility Size Guide: (This list does not include all possible solid axles.)
  • 3/8"(9.5mm) x 24tpi: Coaster brake, Skyway
  • 3/8"(9.5mm) x 26tpi: Shimano Nexus, Taiwanese hubs incl. Sovos Flip-Flop hubs, most Suzue models, Old Deore XT
  • 10mm x 1mm: Shimano, Sun Tour, Sansin, Surly, Suzue (loose ball) Atom, Maillard
  • M5: Fits bicycles with rear wheels that are not mounted using standard quick release or nuts. This includes some bikes with multi-speed hubs and other odd style hubs. The M5 nuts only fits to bikes with fender eyelets. A M5 screw is put through the fender eyelets facing out from the frame. The M5 nuts are then tightened onto the M5 threads.

Extrawheel offers a manufacturers warranty 12 months from the date of purchase.

Extrawheel Bike Trailer Solid Axle Nutsclick image to enlarge
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Price: $19.99

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