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Price: $25.00

Xtracycle WhatchamaCollars Rack Mounts

Stock status: Out of stock, availability unknown, not accepting backorders


This small contraption is used to lock down the V-Racks or Xtracycle Pannier Racks to the uprights of your FreeRadical or Big Dummy. 1 pair helps lock a set of racks on while 2 pairs keeps your racks secured extra tightly to prevent rattling on rough road adventures. 2 pairs of Watchamacollars are also recommended when you ride your Xtracycle without a deck.

Other fancy functions of the Whatchamacollars include rust prevention. The rubber washers can prevent corrosion of your racks and uprights by keeping moisture out. Whatchamacollars also can act as a theft detterent, being tightly clamped to your valuable set up. Collar-up with the Watchamacollars!

Having problems mounting your WhatchamaCollars?

Check out this blog post by The Lazy Randonneur!

Includes 2 WhatchamaCollars

Xtracycle offers a 1 year warranty on accessories and components.

Xtracycle WhatchamaCollars Rack Mountsclick image to enlarge
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Price: $25.00

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Product Reviews

12 Dec 2011
Woon T says...
I have a Dummy and the rear rack rattles abit when on rougher terrain. Googled some reviews and WhatchamaCollars Rack Mounts was reccomended. It felt abit expensive to me and I was wondering why so... well this collar is designed with a inner step that fits xtracycle and Dummy nicely. And it really stiffens and rear rack and I can feel the ride difference. Why don't sell in 4s but cheaper for fellow long biker?
Rated 5 out of 5 Stars
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